Allegiance Team

Alex Wick

When I meet someone new and they ask me what I do, one of the first things that come to mind is I Inline Skate. I know what your thinking, Inline Skating is dead and easy. Your probably picturing me rolling down Beach Ave. in some short shorts winding threw some cones. That’s not what I do… you’ll find me grinding down the biggest hand rails around, transferring from one to another, and hittin bowls. My names Alex Wick, I’m 21 years old and I grew up in Escondido, California. Why do I Inline skate? I’m not going to make a living off it, I’m not getting paid, and I’m risking my life with some off the stuff I skate. You know why I do it? Because I love it, and the lifestyle, I do it for me. It’s fun. The first time I went to Esco Park, ESCO ZOO was in full effect. Eric Schrijn, Brent Hicks, Eric Perkett, Abdiel Colberg, Dominic Sagona, and Robert Lievanos were some of the most influential pro’s I got to skate with at a young age. First time I saw these dudes shredding I remember watching them and thinking, “That’s what I want to do”. Some of my biggest accomplishments on blades happened last year when I won my first comp at the Blading Cup 2014 (Santa Ana). The biggest single stare case I hit ever hit is 46 stairs. The biggest double set kink rail I have hit is about a 25 flat 25. And the biggest rotation before hitting a grind I’ve landed is a fakie 540 to Soul Grind. My favorite trick is an Alley OOP Fish Brain.




Zach Meziere

My name is Zach Meziere and I am the driver of the #787 NHRA Super Comp/Super Pro Dragster. In 2015, I finished 3rd in the Lucas Oil Divisional Series Standings and 25th in the Lucas Oil National Standings. I’ve tallied numerous event wins in the recent years and took home the Super Pro Division Championship in 2012. My 2011 Mullis Dragster is powered by a 582 Cubic Inch Big Block Chevy that puts out 1100 horsepower. It is capable of running the ¼ mile in 7.4 seconds at over 180 miles per hour depending on track and weather conditions. There is nothing quite like the feeling of leaving the starting line as the tires squat and 1100 horsepower comes to life. With the high level of competition I face in each and every race, there is no room for error. I only trust the best components to help me get to the winner’s circle. The same goes for every aspect of my race program, from the fuel we use in the rig to the clothing we rely on. Allegiance has always provided me with the highest quality apparel and support I need to keep adding trophies to the mantle. Their attention to detail and pride in craftsmanship is something I can depend on every time I gear up.